Managing the Dreaded Traffic Situations in Large Cities

Heavy traffic is one of the most frustrating situations of city life. The traffic goes from bumper to the next and continues to clog roads and causes pollution. Regardless of where you live, traffic situations are turning into a nightmare of sorts. A mere 20km drive can take anywhere between 3 and 4 hours which is almost the same time it takes to walk the same distance.

The fact that urbanization is increasing tremendously in turn increases the number of vehicles plying on the roads. The increase of vehicles is many times faster than new roads being constructed or old roads being rehabilitated. This can actually affect the road systems rapidly leading to deterioration. The congestion of vehicles is also due to absence of parking facilities.

However it is not the end of the tunnel yet. There is still scope if certain things are considered and worked upon, a few being.

It is vital to keep updating public transportation and the government needs to allot a certain budget to do this. They need to improve highways, build ring roads and also concentrate on maintaining on already existing ones.

There needs to be a constraint on the number of vehicles that can be owned by a single family. This is definitely possible as we have examples such as Singapore that already has this kind of constraint.

A fee can be introduced where people need to pay when wanting to drive into the city during peak hours.

Banning of heavy-duty vehicles into the city during peak hours.

By allotting particular days on which cars can be allowed into the city centers.

Making use of a strict computerized system to manage traffic lights and introducing a manageable system to make quick alerts when accidents happen.

A bus lane to be provided specifically for buses which change direction based on specific needs. The role of the citizens also vital. Individuals can use cycle as a mode of transportation for close by distances, which will help in reducing traffic as well as improve your health.

Making use of public transport for long distance travelling, instead of choosing to drive. The government needs to make arrangements such that the systems are always up to the mark.

Provision of public parking systems at equal distances.

Decision to ban people driving alone into the city at peak hours will help too.

Apart from all this it is the responsibility of an individual to be considerate and display courtesy towards fellow travelers. Patience also plays a very important role in helping minimize traffic.

Americans Should Be Allowed To Have Guns To Protect Themselves – But Why?

Not long ago, there were a string of home burglaries near me, just down the street in fact. On one occasion, the police were called, they caught one of the burglars cuffed and stuffed him in the car, then started looking for the next two who were also reported in cahoots. A neighbor had called and the police responded quickly, but the home backed up to the golf course so of course, the suspects fled making it hard to catch them. Turns out the burglar they caught broke out of the police car and took off running too, thus, they had no suspects – so much for good police procedures.

Another sheriff’s car on the way to assist the already now, two cars and three police personal on the scene flipped rounding a corner on the way up the hill, again, not so much help upside-down, a K-9 unit to boot, the dog they needed to run down the suspects now trapped in the car – not good. Then the helicopter with infrared was out looking for hot spots in the trees near the golf course. They spotted him and eventually arrested him, and about 3-hours later luckily they caught the other suspect who had gotten away and ran from the police car.

The third suspect is still at large – but where did he go? Did he run into another home? Did he have a gun? Is he out breaking into another home somewhere else this very evening? At some point one has to ask why citizens shouldn’t have guns if the criminals do, or why citizens cannot protect themselves when the cops can’t seem to get the job done. No, I didn’t say it was an easy job, policing certainly isn’t, but if it isn’t why can’t I be allowed to protect myself and why do politicians suggest we should have our guns taken away and only the police or government be allowed to have them?

The criminals will not stop carrying their guns, nor will they stop doing crimes – nor will terrorists stop their endeavors – they will continue whether we have guns or not. For instance; the terrorist attacks in France with some of the harshest gun laws.

How can we trust our government to protect us, especially at a time when they are continually encroaching on our rights? It’s like they don’t trust us, and we already know we cannot trust them. We cannot trust them to protect us, not nationally, not locally (at least not in my neighborhood – very upscale by the way). Think on this.

Let Elliott Waves Signal Market Direction for You

If you were a lone bull in a herd of stampeding buffalo, your survival instincts would tell you to follow the herd, regardless of its direction. The same is true for the successful trader or investor maneuvering within the financial herd called the Stock Market. As trader psychology changes, so do the Markets.

The Elliott Wave Principle captures the essence of trader psychology. It is an effective, visual representation of traders’ human nature to follow ‘in a crowded path’ extreme optimism followed by extreme pessimism, and then repeat the process again and again. The Elliott Wave patterns capture the continuous unfolding of the extremes depicted as Stock Market sentiment.

Traders cannot rely on news and events to drive the Stock Market. History has shown that news and events related to the Market have no consistent effect on its direction because of the influence of unfolding Market sentiment. For instance, Market reaction to the same news can be extremely positive at one given time, but then extremely negative at another given time.

Elliott Wave patterns display to the trader the most likely future Market direction based on current pattern structure. By understanding Elliott Wave pattern characteristics, a trader can identify higher probable outcomes from lower probable outcomes thereby reducing investment risk.

The classic Elliott Wave patterns consist of impulsive and corrective waves. An impulsive wave moves in the same direction as the current trend and is made of five sub-waves. A corrective wave moves against the current trend and is made of three sub-waves.

The formation of sub-waves can be extremely varied. However, general tendencies to note for trading purposes are as follows:

The first sub-wave in either an impulsive or corrective wave can be difficult for a trader to accept because it is the fist wave to run counter to currently prevailing direction;
The second sub-wave in either an impulsive or corrective wave may pose an opportunity for the trader to respond if he/she missed the first sub-wave as it represents a partial retracement of the first sub-wave;
The third sub-wave of an impulsive wave can be the most predictable and strongest of the sub-waves as momentum has been established;
The fourth sub-wave of an impulsive wave may demonstrate more volatility in its retracement than the second sub-wave; and
The fifth sub-wave of an impulsive wave and the third sub-wave of a corrective wave may be less predictable and more volatile than the other sub-waves because they are determining the end to the larger wave.

In addition, traders can increase their probability of success by placing entry and exit points near levels favoring a change in Market direction. For example, placing an entry for a long position near the start of an upward impulsive wave has a higher degree of being successful than placing an entry for a long position near the end of an upward impulsive wave.

Forecasting Market direction from Elliott Wave patterns does not provide certainty, but rather a probability of Market direction. There can be more than one valid interpretation of wave patterns, each carrying a probability of being an accurate portrayal of Market direction.

Traders should keep in mind that it is typical for Elliott Wave patterns to be continually reassessed and altered as Market sentiment unfolds to provide a higher probability of Market forecast. Alteration of wave patterns should be viewed not as a weakness, but as a strength. To be sure, the Market is quite dynamic; therefore, any tool used to help forecast the Market must be dynamic, too.

It is important to note the principals and use of Elliott Waves have persevered for over 70 years, when in 1938, in collaboration with C. J. Collins, R.N. Elliott introduced ‘Elliott Wave Principals’. Mr. Elliott believed that while stock market prices may appear random and unpredictable, they actually follow predictable, natural laws that can be measured and forecast by implementing wave patterns based on Fibonacci number analysis, also pioneered by Mr. Elliott.

Mr. Elliott theorized that common waves are characterized by Fibonacci proportions of 38%, 50%, and 62%. Impulsive waves relate to one another in Fibonacci proportions and corrective waves tend to retrace in Fibonacci proportions.

Mr. Elliott, encouraged so greatly by the response to his theory in the investment world, expanded it to apply to all collective human behaviors. His final and most comprehensive work titled ‘Nature’s Law-The Secret of the Universe’ was published in 1946, two years before his death.

Cultivating Genuine Freedom in a Global Culture of Fear

Seems every other day there’s a mass shooting, an international terror attack, or some other act of terrorism with which our minds must contend.

Depending where you live in the world the issues themselves have varying veracity in terms of threat level. And although any area or facility could be a target, it’s clear that the risk remains higher in certain regions and situations.

But there’s a new crazy getting around. It’s that person who’s thrown their caution to the wind. They’re capable of anything, with access to weapons and the initiative to make a plan. Crazy can happen anywhere, anytime. And if that’s today’s thing, what will be tomorrow’s?

We exist in a culture of fear, particularly if you invest your time in the News Press, spend any significant time on social media, or have a life that takes you into the community. We can’t escape it.

So how do we cultivate freedom to oppose this culture of fear?

We must learn to switch our conscious thoughts to those in our midst again; to our wives, children, husbands, parents, siblings, and our friends and work colleagues. We must learn and relearn the value of entering the land of the living, and to resist spending inordinate amounts of time in the fake world of curated crime reports and social media hype. We must return again and again to the state of living life. We must learn, too, that all of this life is not yet revealed to us, so we must learn to trust our loving God.

Cultivating the personal and interpersonal freedoms of acceptance in community is the only way to resist the culture of fear sweeping the globe.

The more we refocus on people in real life situations, the less we’ll fear what could or might happen in the worlds of our imaginations.

Resisting the culture of fear in our world is as simple as insisting on cultivating freedom through being present with those around us.

Freedom is a choice of response when fear abounds. Make it your possession.

Tell Your Stories

The only one thing more important than knowing who we are: Being aware of where we came from. I realized that recently, when I was giving messages from spirit as part of the holiday service at our Spiritualist church. As I said a quick, silent prayer for guidance, I felt the presence of a grandmotherly energy who wanted to speak. I described her: a short, stout woman with an Eastern European background, with rosy cheeks and a dimple on her chin. She showed me a picture of herself peeling potatoes in her kitchen and sitting beside a kettle. But what made her so memorable in the kitchen was she loved to laugh and tell stories. When I asked if anyone in the congregation recognized this grandma, I saw a young woman in the first row blinking back tears.

That might be my grandmother, Mischka,” the woman said.

Mischka asked me to wish her granddaughter a Merry Christmas. Then, her message was simple and elegant. “She’s saying, ‘Remember your stories. She wants you to have a good time with your family, and don’t sit in the corner by yourself. People like to be with you, and they like to hear your stories. Remember that your family is filled with stories.”

Afterward, the woman told me the message had been very meaningful. I thanked her for her comments and wished her well – and ten minutes later forgot what it was exactly that I had said when I was bringing through her grandmother. That usually happens when I let spirit talk through me. I’m the messenger, not the message sender.

However, occasionally my memory gets a jog. The day after giving that message, I began reading Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. Dr. Remen uses a mind/body approach to health and healing when she treats people with life-threatening illnesses, and her book is an enlightening and very moving collection of stories from her life as a doctor.

Dr. Remen says she became a better doctor when she began listening to her patients’ stories. They talked of their love and devotion, and finding strength within themselves to cope with their debilitating diseases. “They would make me proud to be a human being,” she writes, and adds how her patients’ words also give her the strength to manage her own illness, Crohn’s disease: “In time, the truth in them began to heal me.”

“Everybody is a story,” she notes. “When I was a child, people sat around kitchen tables and told their stories. We don’t do that so much anymore. Sitting around the table telling stories is not just a way of passing time. It’s the way the wisdom gets passed along – the stuff that helps us to live a life worth remembering. Despite the awesome powers of technology, many of us do not live very well. We may need to listen to each other’s stories again.”

As I reread that paragraph, I remembered how Mischka filled her kitchen not only with the warm scents of holiday baking, but with warm, comforting conversation of women sharing time and swapping stories. I thought of myself, my husband and my children – where we came from, what we’ve learned and where we’d like to go. And then I recalled a recent dinner I shared with my sisters’ families. Several months ago, my sister traveled to Halifax and found our grandparents’ immigration forms, detailing how they’d emigrated from Poland in the early 1900s. I was so moved to touch these old reproductions that were pieces of my history. My story.

And of course, that led to a round of, “Do you remember when grandma… ?” and “Do you remember Uncle So-and-so.” Tales of the long-lost cousin who was a jailbird (and may still be), the niece who used to – ahem! – entertain gentleman callers, and the elderly couple who were so much in love, they walked hand-in-hand even into their 80s… and on and on we went, remembering and loving every minute if it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing – The Ups and Downs of Marketing Direct

Direct marketing remains a powerful media channel. Yet, in today’s multimedia environment some question the value of direct marketing. The best way to pin down the truth of that sentiment is to look at the advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing vs. digital marketing.

Advantages of Marketing Direct

• Remains an effective and popular media channel. In a survey of marketers, 57% said they considered print media such as white papers and research reports effective. Besides its effectiveness, it’s also still popular. For example, 61% of marketers use white papers.

• A workhorse media channel that educates, brands, and more. The bread-and-butter of B2B marketing consists of educating potential buyers about complex products and solutions. You have research reports, brochures, and data sheets, to name a few. Marketing direct also offers a cradle-to-grave solution that includes branding, lead generation, and customer nurturing.

• Tailored content to targeted audience. Marketing content comes in various forms to address prospects’ needs in any phase of the buying cycle. So B2B marketers can easily tailor their information to a specific audience. Why is that important? It’s essential because it ensures you provide relevant, useful and timely information your prospects want and need.

Disadvantages of Marketing Direct

• Social media’s explosive growth will crush marketing direct. Trends clearly show growth in online and mobile media consumption. Meanwhile growth in marketing direct shows no growth. We may have reached an inflection point, with digital media being the preferred way to engage prospects.

• Decision makers don’t have time to read. Today’s marketing makes reading optional. Media-rich tools like blogs, micro-blogs, SlideShare, Vimeo, You Tube, photos (Pinterest) and infographics, deliver marketing messages quickly and easily, while entertaining you.

• Real-time marketing can’t be beaten. Social media’s growth in part depends on its instantaneous messaging and responsiveness. You can post a social media tweet or post and have it reach your target audience in seconds. Customer engagement with social media is unrivaled.

Go with Tried-and-True or Up-and-Coming?

In nutshell, marketing direct clearly remains a stalwart. It’s effective. It’s efficient. And it’s still highly consumable in the B2B space.

On the flip side, growth in digital marketing shows impressive growth. It’s catching on fast. Given this backdrop, rather than throwing your eggs in one basket, you can benefit from combining marketing direct and digital.

Combining them helps smooth out the ups and downs of both for maximum effectiveness. The synergies of these two offer more than either channel can deliver on its own.

That makes a strong case for continuing to exploit both. Looking at them this way, you’ll maximize your marketing spend and produce more engaging, relevant, and consumable marketing content.

Full Court Press – The Media Mess

The United States Constitution was painstakingly crafted to define the vision of a new nation whose founders were acutely aware of the pitfalls and dangers to the personal freedoms looming in an uncertain future. It proclaimed the nation as a Republic, affording the bulk of the power of its future be determined ‘of the people, by the people and for the people.’ The First Amendment, by its placement, clearly defines the things they feared would most inhibit the realization of this new dream; tucked within those words is ‘infringing on the freedom of the press.’ Why did they consider the press to be so instrumental in protecting the realization of their dream that it was essential to be a part of the very first amendment?

Journalists are expected to honor a creed that has long been recognized by their industry and respected by Americans. They are charged with the responsibility of accurately and concisely presenting the facts of affairs both foreign and domestic to their citizens. There was an understanding that they stood as the guards at the gates of our freedom by virtue of their accuracy and lack of bias in their presentation. So long as they honored this duty Americans were able to make clear choices about events that affect their future, safety and security. They earned the respect that was afforded to them through their integrity. Something has happened; the effects of this present dangerous consequences to the very fabric of the American people.

It has become difficult to determine what is real news being reported without bias and what reflects simple commentary and opinions of those who present it to us. Many have begun to deceive their audience either through a complete refusal to report important events, by framing events in the context that supports their own beliefs they wish to promote all the way to the intentional dishonesty reflected in edited interviews that create an entirely different perception than the truth. The American people are no longer provided with accuracy, facts or the complete story. They are forced to rely on integrity that has been severely compromised. The guards have vacated their time-honored post, silently and without notice to the people.

News should never be opinion based, nor is it entertainment. It is the strength of the foundation that forms the actions her citizens will take to continue the American dream; they are entitled to the absolute unbiased complete truth. This is the very reason they were singled out for protection in the document that cements our freedoms. Their forbearers accepted nothing at face value; they validated and dug deeper until they found the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then reported it to the people. Nothing less is acceptable. The press should don the time-honored mantle of truth and integrity once again and honor their guard duties to America.

Why I Purposefully Lied To A CNN Pollster Who Asked About My Voting Preferences

Well, what do you know? I finally got a chance to get back at the leftist media today during this final home stretch to the 2016 Presidential Election. You see, I know that CNN has been lying and manipulating our society to the leftist agenda for years. So when they ask me who I would vote for, I just acted like a brain-dead CNN left-leaning viewer mirror and repeated back to them the same sort of rhetoric they air on Cable TV. I told them that I thought Hillary was qualified, but I didn’t say for what – my thinking was to go to prison.

In my view I figure maybe I can manipulate their polling a little, give the Democrats a false sense of security. Why would I do this? Because the Democrats are lying to me and the American People, they lied at the DNC, they lie about their emails, about their sincerity, about their ethics, and agenda. I am tired of it. I have absolutely no responsibility to tell the truth to a pollster, their questions are leading, and they use statistics. Remember this quote; “Figures Lie and Liars Figure” and how about this one; “You can believe none of what you hear, some of what you read and most of what you see.”

Well, what we are hearing on Cable TV is that Hillary Clinton is a shoe-in. That Donald Trump hates minorities and immigrants, that the Republicans are against Black Americans. The amount of nonsense being perpetuated by CNN just got worse, now their polling numbers are off, how do I know, simple – I am not alone in my tactics in dealing with pollsters. They do not deserve the truth, can’t handle the truth, and probably wouldn’t even know it if they saw it.

Interestingly enough, there is now one poll which shows that Clinton is losing by double digits to Trump, this poll used an app that allowed those being polled to be anonymous, meaning no one could tell who they were. The thinking of how this could possibly be is similar to the example of the Brexit Vote in Britain. Could it be possible that people are afraid they will be verbally attacked or thought ill of if they plan to vote for Trump which is making most polls look as if Clinton is winning by 6-8% in the surveys and polls? If so, this would explain what’s going on, meanwhile people like me are screwing with the news polls to get back at them.

The Brighter Side of Slum Life

You can’t choose where you are born, but your actions and the decisions you make determines on where you will be in the future. Most of the people found themselves in the slums.They had no choice but to accept their situation. Some of the slum dwellers made a decision to make their residence more habitable and more interestingly, some people do thrive so well in the slums while others do manage to get their selves out of the slum life. Slum is defined as semi-urban informal settlement common with high crime rate, dense population, high poverty levels, open sewers and heaps of garbage. Amidst the negative appearance of the scenario, there is always a brighter side in the slum life.

Raw talent breeds in the slum. Most of the successful musicians, athletes, boxers, coaches always trace their roots back in the slum. The tough life and harsh conditions made them develop their talent at an early age due to their passion and zeal to achieve. Also some of the influential world leaders shared the better part of their lives in the shantytowns. The slum life always has a way of molding people into leaders at a very tender age. It creates an environment to be independent and responsible and those attributes are always very reflective at adulthood.

Amidst the high crime rates common in the slum, some of the entrepreneurs have identified the business opportunities in the high population of the slum dwellers. Most of the business people have made a fortune out of the high number of slum dwellers by engaging their selves in small-scale businesses. Selling fast-moving and highly perishable goods is a sure way of business success. Some Tycoons also have developed their companies by creating renewable energy from the dumping sites.

Besides hopelessness, there is a stronger communal fiber that binds the slum dwellers. Since these people understand each other’s problems better, they hold onto communal values such as love, kindness, resilience, hard work and patience. Most of them always have a belief that one day they will make it out of the slum. They always have hope for better future.

Most of the slum dwellers have developed stronger Immunity as compared to those who live in formal settlements. Due to early exposure to dust and chemicals, these people rarely gets sick. In fact it’s a common scene to see the slum children jumping around a heap of toxic garbage and some of them even digging for food in the litter bins. However it’s important to note that waterborne diseases such as typhoid and cholera among others are so prevalent in these areas.

Slum dwellers always have an upper hand when it comes to Government development projects since they are the first to be considered. Projects such as Housing projects and Infrastructure developments are first tested in the slums before they can be cascaded down to the other parts of a given nation.

I appreciate most of the Government’s efforts to upgrade the slums into modern houses but as long as the slums do exist in this modern world, we should understand that a lot of positive energy always breeds in these areas. Ambition, hard work, resilience, patience and sheer determination can be best illustrated when you visit any slum around the globe.

Are Terrorists Using Arson to Attack Us?

Who is causing these terrible fires in California (Summer of 2016)? Occam’s Razor would suggest it is mentally problematic arsonists and a string of copy cats with the same ‘love of fire’ or need to project themselves and cause harm to all of us. Nevertheless, what if it were an act of terrorism? After all, these terrible wildfires do indeed terrorize us all. Each time we turn on the TV set and see people evacuating in fear from their homes, wondering if they will still be there when they return – it makes us all think about our own vulnerabilities. What if, international terrorists were starting these fires?

There was an interesting piece in the UPI News Updates titled; “New blaze explodes onto SoCal wildfire scene; 2 highways closed; residents flee danger zone – Officials say the Blue Cut Fire started Tuesday morning and burned about 2,000 acres in about an hour,” by Doug G. Ware and Shawn Price published on August 16, 2016 which stated:

“A new blaze seared its way into the pockmarked Southern California landscape Tuesday — shuttering parts of two major freeways and forcing mandatory evacuations in an area that’s already been extensively blackened by wildfire this year,” and “This fire is still raging out of control.”

Firefighters on TV said the fire was uncharacteristically ‘explosive’ and fast growing. Hmm? What if?

Are there Arson Terrorists using particle compound dispersion as accelerants – the reason I ask is that these current fires in Southern CA are really moving fast and explosive like, it’s not that hot, nor are the winds high like in Santa Ana Wind conditions. These fires are in bad areas for transportation, rail, electrical lines, gas lines, and freeways – like cutting off Southern CA. Something terrorists might do.

This type of arson weapon is thermobaric based, using a big wild-fire to help scatter a cloud of fine explosive particles or prepositioning those particles on the hillside. I hope not, but remember terrorists are not stupid and they’ve read our reports on how to protect CA or how to deal with a “Red Dawn Scenario” in Southern CA, there was a Popular Science article on this and the DOD contingency plan.

Of course, our DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is well aware of such challenges and doesn’t take anything lightly – these arson investigators too, are taking all this seriously. Protecting our civilization and society from international terrorism is a real difficult challenge. Please consider all this and think on it.